Case study

OBJECT CARPET: 1.3 billion carpet variants in a B2B solution

Carpets and Digitalization

OBJECT CARPET's passion for carpets meets YMC's passion for the implementation of complex digital processes.

Realism and Excellency

At first, OBJECT CARPET was shocked by the realistic schedule of YMC - but then was happy about the reliable implementation of their high demands.


OBJECT CARPET planned a website relaunch and YMC convinced them that what they need is actually a B2B portal. Today, this portal serves more than 93 employees, dealers and architects worldwide by providing instant access to price calculations as well as product and customer information.


YMC took over the project from an unsuccessful agency and managed the turnaround with relentless honesty. This resulted in a trustworthy cooperation, which enabled an agile approach within the set goals.


The heart of the OBJECT CARPET B2B portal for users is the 3D configurator, which holds over 1.3 billion variations. It is embedded in a modern software architecture that transfers the principle of mobile phone apps to the server and is therefore quickly expandable.

Globale B2B-Platform

The international sales structure of OJBECT CARPET was functionally mapped in the B2B online platform created by YMC. Above all, the customizable online configurator does justice to the worldwide different requirements of country partners, wholesalers, specialist dealers, architects, etc. This can be seamlessly integrated into their own website by OBJECT CARPET's global customers in order to offer carpet products within their own infrastructure and branding.

Agile Leadership

Thanks to its relentless honesty, the YMC quickly won the trust of OBJECT CARPET. This made it possible to realign the software architecture, contrary to the original ideas of OBJECT CARPET, but in line with its corporate goals. Likewise, it was only possible due to the increased trust to create the extremely complex product configurator in direct cooperation between the OBJECT CARPET employees and the YMC programmers - without specification: the complexity of the business logic would not have been expedient in a specfication can capture. Overall, the YMC, as a mentor and doer, ensured the success of the project.

Realistic Planning

YMC's realistic estimate of a project duration that was longer than assumed by OBJECT CARPET actually led to faster implementation, because more optimistic assumptions would most likely have led to the failure of the project. By reducing the risk through realistic planning, the project could be implemented in organizationally and technologically feasible steps on schedule. In fact, the forward-looking planning of the YMC came true when the OBJECT CARPET was able to contribute less than expected during the course of the project, the YMC team nevertheless advanced the programming without any loss of time due to the clear work position.

Agile Implementation

The product configurator is a prime example of innovation that arises from the dynamics of learning, understanding and adapting between YMC and its customers: The YMC used the spreadsheets of the worldwide sales staff of OBJECT CARPET as the basis for the first version of the configurator. The OBJECT CARPET marketing team has a special view in the configurator that can be used to gradually simplify the existing pricing with 1.3 billion possible combinations. The YMC programmers support the marketing team in the ongoing simplification of the price calculation in the configurator. In each new version of the configurator, the marketing team can analyze the effects of the new pricing and refine it with the help of the YMC.

Agile Architecture

At the technological level, the architecture approach introduced by the YMC for the B2B portal proved to be true, as the decoupling of the underlying functional units enabled parallel programming. All dynamic content was managed by domain-specific micro-apps that communicate with each other via REST interfaces. This includes apps for product, price and user data, but also for marketing via short URLs.