Case study

Kreuzlingen: Website relaunch for digital administration

Agile e-government.

The new website of the city of Kreuzlingen laid the foundation for the continuous digital transformation of its administration.

High quality for citizens

Based on an agile approach, citizens are being involved at an early stage in the development of new online service modules.


The new website at serves as a "Gateway to Kreuzlingen" in the digital world. Hereby, the city of Kreuzlingen meets the expectations of its 22,000 inhabitants for an end-to-end e-government offering.


The new online presence of the city of Kreuzlingen will gradually be expanded with new modules for digital administration. The guiding principle is the orientation towards the benefit for the inhabitants and the administration.


From the start, YMC’s agile software development process involves all stakeholders in all development stages (e.g. planning, testing, acceptance), enabling high quality at a realistic budget.

Services on the Web

On the new website, the following municipal services can be found online, among others: News, official announcements, calendar of events, online counter with payment options, day ticket shop.

As a result of the project, there has been a significant increase in the use of digital services by the city administration. In the public interest, a clear added value was created through lower follow-up costs in maintenance, operation and integration.

Change Management

Consideration for less tech-savvy persons within all stakeholder groups must be ensured in e-government. Plus, the digital transformation must also be understood in terms of change management. The guiding principle for the new online presence is therefore an incremental and complementary expansion with a user-centred approach in mind. The focus is not on the technical system, but on the citizens, as well as the city of Kreuzlingen with its organization and processes, and the exchange of information between all stakeholders.

Agile Programming

The initial meetings of the city of Kreuzlingen with YMC led to a new project strategy and a completely agile approach. Up to 18 interdisciplinary stakeholders worked simultaneously on key topics.

Together with YMC, they fostered the rapid, public deployment of a technological prototype/MVP labeled as a "beta" version with user feedback functionality. This enabled the public to be involved in the ongoing development and to correctly prioritise upcoming design/implementation issues.

Networked E-Government

In the context of municipal federalism on the one hand, and various e-government initiatives (e-government TG, Smarter Thurgau,,, Open Government Data, etc.) on the other hand, YMC supports the city of Kreuzlingen with consulting, project management and smooth implementation or even integration.

Full Agency Service

In this project, YMC regards itself as a reliable implementation partner, who takes responsibility with pragmatism and commitment. YMC brings the new online presence of the city of Kreuzlingen to the public as a digital citizen service with many dependencies. In addition, YMC ensures the website’s high-performance and stable operation.