Case study

Keiri for EnBW: Startup app saves heating costs per room

Heating Costs and Digitalization

This business idea was implemented by YMC for EnBW: With Keiri, heating costs can be tracked per room in a multi-device app and the additional charges or repayments can be calculated for the tenant.

Smart Home and Smart Agency

Within only 2 months, YMC programmed the Keiri app in startup speed. The Web-based app measures the room temperature via Internet-of-Things (IoT) sensors.


In the start-up hub called Pioniergeist (located in Stuttgart, Germany), the business idea for Keiri was born and implemented for EnBW, the third largest energy supply company in Germany. Since there was no comparable competitor, the pilot software was to be implemented quickly and the business idea validated immediately.


EnBW relied on YMC to program the pilot project within a very short time. This way, the start-up idea could be verified extremely quickly with test customers and EnBW could decide on further steps and investments.


The YMC development team seamlessly synced itself with the agile approach of the Keiri startup. By building a smart home infrastructure in their own offices, YMC was able to realistically implement Keiri's Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and test it in real time.

Pain Points

Since YMC is not only agile in programming, but also sees business processes as a sequence of improvements, it met the requirements of the Keiri start-up with flying colors. Within only 2 months, the business idea turned into a useful app that could display the temperature, humidity and power consumption in a room using room sensors. The highlight of the pilot project: Landlord and tenant can agree on a target temperature for the apartment. In a shared apartment, an individual could thus see whether he or she was saving money in a particular month by heating less.

Business Idea

With the help of the Keiri infrastructure and app implemented by YMC, EnBW was able to comprehensively execute due dilligence of the business idea for the following parameters within a very short time: The willingness to pay and the added value for the landlords. The user acceptance and the incentive model for the tenants. Various sales channels from social media to direct sales and cross-selling. Overall, EnBW was thus able to review Keiri's planned business model for the entry-level market of shared appartments within the tight time frame.

Startup Hub

In cooperation with the startup hub Pioniergeist, EnBW has provided its 20,000 employees with an incubator for start-up ideas. This is an important impulse for EnBW to become a highly innovative company that transforms itself. This also means that EnBW makes use of agile methods and the Lean Startup philosophy and has thus found in YMC a congenial partner for EnBW's innovation strategy.

Agile Programming

The unique agile approach of YMC, which brings business idea and technology to market in closely interlocked iterations, was crucial for EnBW. Only with a partner such as YMC at its side, who carries the pioneering spirit within itself, could EnBW reliably hand over the software implementation to an external service provider. The functional and technological requirements for the Keiri app were very high, the time frame was tight.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Keiri is one of the first ideas of the startup hub for EnBW. With Keiri, innovative technologies such as smartphones and IoT will be integrated into a room temperature platform for tenants and landlords. With Keiri, EnBW proves that it can develop internet-based solutions in its segment in a customer-oriented and future-proof manner. YMC has supported EnBW and the startup hub as a creator and mentor in all matters and has worked directly with the founders.

Smart Home

In the pilot project, homee's smart home technology was used. In order to provide the end user with the corresponding functions in the Keiri app, the right homee components had to be selected and their programming interfaces connected to Keiri. The Keiri solution integrates IoT devices and thermostats in a responsive Web app. The connection of Fintec APIs has been prepared. Keiri is therefore not only a pioneer as a business idea, but also with regard to its cutting-edge technology and its integration, as well as its ease of use on all devices and platforms.