Am kommenden Montag 13. Mai findet das 7. Big Data User Group Treffen in Zürich statt, diesmal bei der IBM Schweiz. Unter anderem mit folgenden Vorträgen:

  • “Big Data: Adoption Roadmap und Use Cases”, Synergic Partners
  • “Big Data Visualization With ParaView”, Universität Zürich
  • Technology Outlook – The new Era of computing, IBM European Storage Competence Center
  • und Big Data for CyberSecurity, IBM Research Watson Lab NY, USA

Auch YMC ist vertreten mit einen Vortrag zum Thema In-Store Analysis with Hadoop. Nils Kübler, der Lead Entwickler von Hannibal, zeigt anhand einer Fallstudie, wie man Benutzeranalyse ähnlich Google durch WiFi Log-file Aggregation im Einzelhandel anwenden kann. 

“While user tracking with WebTrends, comScore, Google Analytics etc. is a de-facto standard in the online world, tracking visitors in the real world is still fragmented. From a wide perspective, potential tracking data is produced by various sensors. With a real ‘bricks and mortar’ store, one could figure out possible sensors they could use: customer frequency counters at the doors, the cashier system, free WiFi access points, video capture, temperature, background music, smells and many more. For many of those sensors additional hardware and software would be needed, but a few sensors already have solutions available, e.g. video capturing with face or even eye recognition. The most interesting sensor data that doesn’t require additional hardware and software could be the WiFi access points. Especially given that many visitors will have WiFi enabled mobile phones. This talk demonstrates how WiFi access point log files can be used to answer different questions for a particular store.” Nils Kübler, YMC AG

Zum Event
Montag, 13. Mai 2013, 18 – 22h
IBM Schweiz, Auditorium, Vulkanstrasse 106, 8010 Zürich-Altstetten
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