Our latest iOS App, “Tapathon! Touch Racing” is available now! Read more about it and get the free download at the App Store – then find out whether you have the world’s fastest fingers!

We developed this small game based on the new iOS 7 framework Sprite Kit. This is part of our strategy of taking deep dives into the most interesting new frameworks offered by Apple in iOS 7.

Other frameworks we are evaluating include the promising Multipeer Connectivity as well as the additions to the Core Location Framework which are generating a lot of hype because of the new Bluetooth LE possibilities, summarised under the term iBeacon.

When interested in development using Sprite Kit, you should be aware of one big pitfall (in german) we found. You should also read more about the pros and cons of using this framework.

If you’re already using Sprite Kit, you might want to take a look at the PhysicsDebugger we developed.

(This blog post is also available in German)

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