Trifork organises the so called “NoSQL Roadshow” with stops in several cities across Europe. The latest stop-over was on August 30th in Basel with the title “NoSQL and Highly Scalable Systems – The Theory, The Practice and the Case Studies”. The half-day was packed with interesting, quite technical, talks about RIAK, HBASE, MongoDB and SpringData, presented by renowned speakers like Pavlo BaronKresten Krab Thorup or Ian Plosker.

Sentric, or more precisely, Jean-Pierre and myself, had the opportunity to talk about our war story on how we leveraged HBase to implement near real-time processing of social media data.

During the breaks and the apero there were plenty of opportunities to run a lively exchange over various NoSQL topics with the participants and other speakers.

All in all, the event was fantastic, well organised and I think a success. Finally, I would like to thank the NoSQL Roadshow team for their awesome job.

By the way, the next NoSQL Roadshow is a one-day event and will take place in London on December 6th.

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