13 Steps to Happiness – Cooking Salmon in the Dishwasher

This is YMC’s comprehensive guide on how to cook salmon in the dishwasher for the whole company and have lots of fun in the process.

#1 Remember that the marketing manager doesn’t like pictures. (Don’t even try.)

#2 Search Pascal’s beer brewing equipment for the digital thermometer.

#3 Purchase an enormous amount of fresh salmon filet with its skin, biologically raised.

#4 Wash the fish and convince a colleague to cut garlic.

#5 Distribute the garlic, salt, pepper, rosemary and some butter over the salmon.

#6 Don’t forget thin and evenly cut lemon slices as a topping.

#7 Fire up the vacuum sealing machine and prepare some bags, open to one side.

#8 With the assistance of your dear colleague, slip the filets gently into your prepared vacuum bags. Don’t be scared of raw fish, it’s fun!

#9 Using this marvellous vacuum thingy of yours again, suck all air out and seal the bag. Heads up! You are almost done!

#10 Make sure that you understand your dishwasher’s program. Call the manufacturer, or do some measurements on your own. You want to heat it to 60° C for at least one hour. Not everyone is into sushi.

#11 Place everything in the dishwasher. Avoid overlapping fish. Start.

#12 In case you are anxious about what is happening in there, Pascal’s thermometer will give you peace of mind. (No, 28° C is not enough. Hold on.)

#13 In the meantime, prepare some potatoes or rice, salad, and cook lemons (without the paring) in cream to make a sauce. Yummy!

On YMC’s Instagram is some footage of what you can expect if you followed the protocol.

Well, after everybody is full, strange things can happen. For example, this time, professional “leak research” began to investigate something underneath the nearby bank…

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